Loving is Living Ministries was founded by Dr. Wally Marais in the year 2000AD. and operates entirely as a Faith Mission. He was called into fulltime ministry under the preaching of Dr. Oswald J. Smith from the Peoples Church in Toronto in 1959.

Wally attended College in 1962 and after graduating was ordained in 1965 as an Elder in the Church of the Nazarene, International. He entered Seminary in 1968 in Kansas City, Missouri and earned his Master of Divinity degree (MDiv) in 1971. Many of his courses were completed in summer school at Mid Western Baptist Seminary.

In 1989 he earned the Doctor of Ministry degree (DMin) from Luther Rice Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Upon his return he studied with SA Theological Seminary in Gauteng and in 2004 graduated with the Certificate of Christian Counselling.

Dr. Marais is a member of the SA Evangelists Association and also a member of the SA Christian Counsellors Association. Wally was principal of an accredited Theological college for 6 years from 1983 to 1989, and is cleared and recognized to teach Practical Theological Courses at Graduate level. Wally is the author of The 14 Essentials of Extended Family Evangelism , the handbook used in the Jesus Film Ministry of which he was Coordinator for some 12 tears on the Africa Region, working at that time with Campus Crusade for Christ. In 2009 Dr. Wally wrote many of the theological courses now used in the Overseas Mission Society (OMS) for their 4 year Preachers Course which has since been published in French, and will be printed in English, Swahili and Portugese. Since then Oms in India have been thinking of having these courses translated to be used in four languages in India. At present Wally has completed writing a Commentary of the Entire New Testament for the African students who cannot attend college for several reasons, mostly because of lack of finances or entrance qualifications. These commentaries will be made available Free of Charge to these students. Dr. Wally is also making available on his web site all the courses for the Pastors Training program free of charge.


Dr. Wally Marais is a marriage officer and registered with the Dept. of Home Affairs. His registration number is BD20126.


Dr. Wally Marais is a marriage officer and registered with the Dept. of Home Affairs. His registration number is BD20126.


Dr. Wally is available at all times to advise and coach those who approach him. Many pastors and churches send counsellees to him for counselling and coaching . It is easier for counsellees to speak to a counsellor outside of their own fellowship.


Dr. Wally is responsible to report to a Board of Credentials every year where his Character has to be passed and permission given for him to function as a Commissioned Evangelist every year. He holds Evangelistic campaigns in many different churches and denominations especially in areas where they cannot afford to finance an evangelist. Wally works closely with Rev Harold Peasley in Multi Ministries and his twin brother Cecil in International Ministries, visiting many world areas and conducting Evangelistic outreaches. They have visited South America, New Zealand and Wally has preached many times in USA and England and most countries on the African Continent.


Gail was saved in a Youth for Christ meeting in Queenstown on 9 November 1956, under the preaching of Evangelist Richard Green. Called to ministry in 1960 and entered College in 1962 and married the same year. Has been involved in Youth ministry in the “Ducktail era” during the time of Jimmy Ferguson. Heads up Book and Tract distribution, clothing and food. Works closely with Rev Trevor Vosloo of Gospel Outreach in inner city missions and flat visitations. Involved in squatter camp ministries, and reaching out to the homeless.


Include Prison Ministries, Into schools, Hospitals and clinics, HIV Aids clinics and Senior citizen homes.

Books by Dr. Wally Marais


SIYA HAMBA ELANGENI is a novel about the different people, culture, and history in South Africa. It shows the differences of origins, loves, and the aspirations and helps readers identify themselves in the story. The underlined principle is equality of all people and provides peaceful solutions to differences. It includes religion, romance, humor, realities of life, and the challenge to tame wild Africa while preserving its beauty and balance. It is set in the beginnings of the rainbow nation, which is slowly becoming today. It moves rapidly and is a gripping story that should warm every reader’s heart.